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The largest island of our country is Szigetköz, surrounded by the rivers Danube and the Mosoni-Danube. It is called "the gift of the Danube", since it was built by the alluvial deposit of the river. The name of Szigetköz (Little Rye Island) literally means island alley, because the territory is located on an island. Its borders are the Danube and its branches; with a length of 52.5 km, with an average width of 6–8 km, and with a territory of 375 km2, the island is Hungary's largest one. The nature-loving tourists are welcome by the rich flora and fauna of the region.


Horváth Gyula János ~

Fűzfa Zoltán ~ Pisztráng Kör Egyesület

Az alábbiakban néhány szigetközi települést ajánlunk figyelmükbe.


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The founders and landholders of the village (the Héderváry counts, the Viczay and Khuen-Héderváry families) and its legends (Árpád-tree, Kont-tree) make it to an elemental part of the Hungarian history. Its monuments and buildings are locked into the noble family that had a leading role in Hungary's history till the 20th century. The most important building of the village is the three-storey renaissance castle with its three corner towers and beautiful park. The Blessed Virgin Mary chapel was a famous shrine to the Virgin Mary in the middle ages, and was expanded foremost in Hungary with a loretto chapel in the 17th century. In front of this chapel there is the oldest tree of Hungary that is an 800 years old pin oak, that is also known as the Árpád-tree. Contemporary curiosity of the village is Hungary's only one Colorado potato bug statue.

  • Szigetköz, Hédervár
  • Szigetköz, Hédervár
Szigetköz, Hédervár